Cemetery extension, management and regulation

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An original and progressive design of the funeral space.

In the spirit of LEGO ® game, it's possible to assemble the boxes in order to create circular or right columbariums, shift forwarded or aligned, like right line or curve line, thus let to the designer a real creativity in his creation.

Here are summerized the 7 main benefits of IDEAL COLUMBARIUM :

  1. Original and aesthetic, draw up with curve lines,
  2. A capacity of 3 urns ( Ø 22 cm ),
  3. An individual flourish space (1 700 cm2) ,
  4. 40 cm height let 4 level, space efficient,
  5. Progressive, thanks to ot specific design,
  6. Could be install on all fiel, even sloping field,
  7. Three kind of materials : natural stone, reconstitute stone or granite.

No more funeral space composed of heterogeneous and mismatch columbariums,

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