Cemetery extension, management and regulation

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Funeral regulation

legislative procedure ( concerning uncare-for gravestone )

legislative procedure is at the same time tactful, taking a long time (4 years on average) and precise ( display delay, formal notice ) .

the slightest error concerning both of form and content or even delay makes the procedure null and void.

The term of this procedure must be legally perfect. It must be well understood by local authority employee.

blue arrowblue arrow With ELABOR group, we accomplish this mission (common display, lists, particular communication) thus local authority employee are unburdened and the mission is driven efficiently and reliably.

Advices and funeral regulation

blue arrowblue arrow Thanks to annual subscription, regulation service of ELABOR group assist you in the family contact (concessionary, legal claimant, third party...) or funeral professional contact, concerning all tactful points (advices, adapted documents, letter suggestion).

Cemetery rules

The cemetery regulation is a essential management tool.

It must be at the same time precise enough to be well implemented and briefly enough to be easily implemented.

Indeed, a 78 pages and 367 articles book is too exhaustive and could not be respected. between precision and conciseness writing, find the balance is tactful.

blue arrowblue arrow We give you models and advices in order to editing the most adapted regulation for you cemetery.

Establish the concession settlement

Beyond the only legal respect, the reorganization of common field is a tactful task in human terms.

blue arrowblue arrow Therefore we work out this mission in order to drive the reorganization serenly and respectfully of differents interests.

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