Cemetery extension, management and regulation

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Too often we meet people who confuse "cemetery extension " and "moving back of cemetery's wall in order to increase the cemetery surface".

"Cemetery extension shouldn't be an elementary solution of a law obligation."

The construction of the cemetery extension is often ordinary, but it design should respect many various and complex notions.

One of these imperatives is to meet cemetery needs both the 5 next years AND the current century

A good cemetery's extension should offer an harmonious solution to this duals needs:

Short run - Long run

As Robert AUZELLE perfectly wrote in his outstanding book "Dernières demeures" :

"No work is possible without make the report of the current technical reality, it justify the statistics and preliminary inventory"

In order to carry out the report before the extension, we work about three preliminary study: la plupart des projets d’extension, de 3 types :

  1. PES : Prediction of extension space
  2. HGR : Hydro Geological research
  3. PEL : Proposition of cemetery's extension layout

These 3 research enable to :

  • make up the prefectural case.
  • managing the budget.
  • make up the project management .

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