Cemetery extension, management and regulation

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Cineral Space – Explanations

"Funeral space" and "columbarium" are two very different expressions……
…Funeral space is a global space which contains all the funeral elements, while columbarium is only an element of this global space.

Generally, a Funeral space is composed of 3 major elements.

1 / Remembrance Garden

Remembrance Garden is designed to receive former ashes, and to disappeared its. It utilization is free. It purpose is both disappeared ashes and keep the memories of formers. A remembrance Garden is made up of a well covered with a grating which is concealed by pebbles or looses stones. Ashes are dispersed on pebbles and then penetrate in the openings. This garden could be designed like linear shape or curve shape like a "pebbles river" with a grating under the pebbles or not. This solution required obviously a larger superficies than the "well solution".

  • We advice you to install next to the remembrance garden a "stele" or "memory monument" where formers epitaph would be inscribed.
  • You would have to forecast a ceremony table which will enable you to lay down the funeral urn during the last ceremony just before ashes was dispersed.
wood bench in front of remembrance garden stele in remembrance garden remembrance garden in funeral space stones in remembrance garden bridge in funeral space designed commemorative stone in remembrance garden

Funeral Garden

Funeral urns are laid down in the sepulchered container, like traditional vault. It utilization cause the former family to buy a concession.

urns in funeral garden urns with flower flourish urns in funeral garden commemorative stone in funeral garden funeral garden creation construction of funeral garden flowers in funeral garden commemorative stele urn in landscaped park

3 / Columbarium

Columbarium is a ground equipment in which funeral urns are put in order during the delay of the concession (generally 16or 30 years) always revolving at maturity date of the concession. A mess of columbarium exists on the market.

columbarium in funeral space tree and columbarium columbarium pyramid columbarium atlas flourish columbarium natural stone atlas columbarium

This 3 equipments are generally installed with furniture in relation with funeral ceremonies :

  • A stele or commemorative monument remembers the name of the formers whose ashes have been dispersed.
commemorative stone granit commemorative stone
  • A ceremony pedestal enable to hold the urn during the gathering of the relatives of the former just before the dissemination or the putting in case.
funeral ceremony pedestal funeral ceremony pedestal
  • Several benches where the relatives could sit-down during the contemplation.
bench in funeral space bench in funeral space

Finally, we relentlessly say it: a worthy funeral space must not forgot the landscaping which is a necessary condition of it success !

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