Cemetery extension, management and regulation

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The conception of a Funeral Space mustn't be improvised, neither must be a snap solution but have to meet both an increasing and a durable need.

Evolution of the cumulative number of cremations in France

Evolution of the cumulative number of cremations in France, since 1979 to 2007

In the 20 next years, needs will increase 3 or 4 times more than currently!...

In that case, the conception must be on the one hand a pleasant space, and on the other hand must foresee the lack of space issue and the communal budget

So it conception must observe 3 targets:

  1. Practical and progressive Creation..
  2. Space-efficient Creation.
  3. Aesthetic Creation.

In order to respect these 3 targets, the creation of Funeral Space must be balanced between opposite notions

  • Vegetables spaces and efficient vegetable care
  • Occupancy density and fire lane space + vegetables spaces
  • Current creation space and Prospective needs

Only an adequate harmony of these 3 targets enable get a balanced creation which qualities are durable. It is the one and only creation adapted to development cycle of a cemetery.

Example of progressive funeral space

Example of progressive funeral space, which is enabled to accomodate 1700 boxes for 4000 square meters.

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