Cemetery extension, management and regulation

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It is one element of global funeral space.

Many models exist on the market and make a choice isn't effortless...

Inspecting of more than one thousand cemetery and analyzing of its evolutions for 15 last years give us ground to give some advices :

The 7 qualities of a columbarium

The perfect columbarium would be:

Progressive : The needs of columbariums are still low, its will increased in the next 20 years…Only a modular columbarium could meet the market.
Space-efficient : Cemetery space is expensive and a bit expanding…so we should save and optimize it space thanks to space-efficient solutions .
Adapted : to it surrounding area, historical as well as geological: A columbarium built with pink granite is adapted in a granite area, but absolutly not in a limestone area.
Practical : Flower the columbarium help the former's family mourning. The columbarium should be enable support a flowerpot.
Enable : to minimum hosts 2 urns and preferably 3, whatever its dimensions. Indeed urn's dimensions aren't standardize so the columbarium should be designed to receive 3 urns.
Durable : Columbarium built with natural materials are the most durable.
Aesthetic : A cube have many qualities but isn't aesthetic. Is it possible to designed the columbarium with circular shape ?

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